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Pepperfry - WTF Deals 4th April 2019 - copycat - 04-04-2019

Cello Blossom Plastic Pink Bucket Set - Set of 5
MRP: Rs.1397
Offer price: Rs.1249
[Image: cello-blossom-plastic-pink-bucket-set---...6bugso.jpg]

24Cm Induction Friendly Kadai with Lid- 3.4 Ltr
MRP: Rs.1040
Offer price: Rs.849
[Image: 24cm-induction-friendly-kadai-with-lid--...chvmly.jpg]

Milano Cushioned Metallic Chair In Black Leatherette
MRP: Rs.2289
Offer price: Rs.999
[Image: milano-metal-chair-in-black-leatherette-...044oyx.jpg]

Philips Gc 102/01 Pink 750W Dry Iron
MRP: Rs.825
Offer price: Rs.725
[Image: philips-gc-102-01-pink-750w-dry-iron-phi...jggzj2.jpg]

Salado Geometric Pattern Cotton 16x16 Inch White Cushion Cover
MRP: Rs.550
Offer price: Rs.329
[Image: salado-geometric-pattern-cotton-16x16-in...kr6tc1.jpg]