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Specific Rules for Make Money Online section
There are certain simple rules that needs to be followed while using this separate Make Money online Section at Offerdarbar Forum :-

1)      Referral Links are allowed only for this Make Money online Section. But affiliate links are not allowed.

2)      Only the First person posting the details of any Offer/Scheme can use referral links in their Post/Thread. After that if anybody tries to post their affiliate link second time by replying to the original post or making separate post/thread of the same offer/scheme will be given one strict warning and then be banned forever. (It depends on the Admin/Mods, they can ban the user without giving warning, if it seems that the User has deliberately posted even after knowing that the offer/scheme has been posted)

3)      No hacking, gambling or adult content will be tolerated . User will be straightaway banned without warning.

In near future, we may add more rules which will be updated here.
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