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Pepperfry - WTF Deals 28th November

COUPON - "Not required"


Black and Brown Rope Hanging Light With Filament Bulbs
MRP: Rs.8700
Offer price: Rs.999
[Image: black-and-brown-metal-hanging-light-by-h...enenrh.jpg]

Home Creations Plastic Multi Purpose Fridge Storage Racks Tray- Assorted Color
MRP: Rs.399
Offer price: Rs.79
[Image: home-creations-plastic-multi-purpose-fri...026g5a.jpg]

Orient Electric 7 Watt Cool Day Light Led Bulb
MRP: Rs.160
Offer price: Rs.64
[Image: orient-electric-7-watt-cool-day-light-le...dq9wik.jpg]

Geometric Pattern Cotton 24 x 16 inch Anti Skid Bath Mat
MRP: Rs.599
Offer price: Rs.129
[Image: geometrical-cotton-24-x-16-inch-soft-fas...ymegtm.jpg]

Sumeet Aluminium 6 inch Nonstick Gas Sandwich Toaster
MRP: Rs.450
Offer price: Rs.179
[Image: sumeet-aluminium-6-inch-nonstick-gas-san...d6vfvv.jpg]

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